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Mister International 2022

Manu Franco is an actor, model, and tv host from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He attributes his enthusiasm, charm and emphatic feelings towards children and animals.

Manu first fell in love with sports, watching the baseball games of the national teams in the Dominican Republic and also watching the Major League games. He played baseball for 9 years of his life, representing his country on several occasions. In addition to baseball, he plays basketball and volleyball. He is a sports lover. Manu's life took a turn During the COVID-19 pandemic, he discovered a passion for the arts such as Acting, he presented shows, musicals, top model, mister model, and in early 2022 he began to participate in Musical Kid's Show as main characters Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled), Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid), Prince Florian (Snow White), Bruno (Encanto) and the Incredible Superman. He loves to make children happy, to be his hero and to play the role of his dream character.

Now, Manu supports and advocates for the care and protection of animals and the mental health of people, leadership and being a role model for them. He wants to see the positive in everything that is happening now and in the future.

Manu has a big heart and love to meet people and make them feel at home, he is a person who, as a Dominican, is very hardworking and dedicated to each mission to be accomplished.

As the youngest to win Mister International, the first Dominican to win the pageant, and the first Dominican to win a Grand-Slam men's beauty pageant, he is proud and grateful to the world, his country, and himself. Manu's mission is to inspire young men and women to feel free and be encouraged to achieve that dream they so long for. Something that always thinks "hard work and perseverance do not guarantee 100% the goal, but it gives you more and more chances of achieving it."

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