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Fathers, married, and divorced men now allowed to join Mister International Pageant

From left: Mister International President, Pradit Pradinunt, COO Nicholo Paulo Ventura and CEO Jeon Jeonghun.

The Mister International Organization is a global community that empowers men to realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success and believes that every man should be Distinctively Handsome. Mister International program provides the men who participate annually an international platform to achieve positive change through influential humanitarian and professional efforts. The contestants and titleholders are leaders and role models in their communities. “For this 2023 competition season, the Mister International Organization is pleased to announce that the pageant welcomes all men of age 18-33 including fathers, married or divorced men to chase their dreams and inspire people with no barriers. Our organization has a strong intention to support equality and inclusivity and believes that discrimination should no longer exist,” said Pradit Pradinunt, President of the Miss International Organization.

"Annually, thousands of young men all around the world participate in the Mister International competition events. The Organization itself continues to welcome those men from all backgrounds to enter our family. Our licensees work tirelessly every day to empower young men to believe in their distinctively handsome and to be proud of their personal best while raising awareness and funds for philanthropic endeavors."

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